Justin Outdoors was founded in 2019 by yours truly with the goal of providing quality and accurate information for getting into the outdoors. While I love gear, the outdoors is about more than the latest and greatest. I began exploring the outdoors barefoot and wild, making shelters and forts out of sticks and leaves. As I got older, I still always had a limited budget for all of the activities I loved and would constantly be on the look for a good deal. These days, I have more resources for gear and getting to places in the outdoors but, like most other people, have priorities that I need to balance. I still hold on to how fun barefoot Justin had playing in the woods and that the outdoors is for everyone and should be accessible as possible. 

With my content, I hope to provide useful information to you so that you can make educated decisions on what will work for you and whether a piece of gear is worth prioritizing spending your hard earned dollars on. My focus will always be on my audience.

If you have any questions about myself or the Justin Outdoors brand, please contact questions@justinoutdoors.com.


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