I adhere to the US Federal Trade Commission Guidelines in Endorsements and Product Reviews and the Canadian Competition Bureau Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. These standards require that it is disclosed if compensation is provided in exchange for a review or product placement. If a product was received for free or a form of compensation was provided in exchange for content, then that will be disclosed within a blog post or a video description.


I will never give a positive review in exchange for compensation. If I receive a product for free or a company sponsors videos, I will not guarantee a positive review. I will always provide a  review that highlights the positives and negatives of a product will not sugar coat anything. My reviews are truthful to my experiences and will never be influenced by external sources. If a review is a first look or unboxing, I will state that in the review. Most things I review will have been used at least 30 times. That is the amount of use I have determined is required to get a good idea of a product’s usability, function, and pros/cons. If I do not like a piece of gear, I will likely not review it unless it is a popular piece of gear. It is important for me to provide the viewers with as much useful information as possible. I will however provide any negative feedback to the company so that they can improve their product.


My focus is my audience and without you guys, I would not be able to create content and share with you. I will never sacrifice my relationship with you for a quick (or long) buck. You keep coming to me for advice, tips, and experiences and I promise that my information will remain unbiased and untainted. 


I participate in several affiliate marketing programs. These programs provide a commission (to me) at no extra cost to you when a product link is clicked and a product is purchased.


If you have any questions about how I obtained a piece of gear or my reviews, please contact questions@justinoutdoors.com.


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